The Temple's gates are opening.  

The Ancient Temples were a place of remembrance where high priestesses would channel the divine feminine; to heal, to love, to reignite the divinity in whoever would have the honour to sit and receive them in their connection and embodiment of the mystery.  

We are remembering these lineages. The Temples are landing. Dancing Eros is one of them.  

During this 10 day initiation we will dive into the temple arts and how the feminine in all her forms wants to express through us.  

As a collective, we will open ourselves up to expression of our true nature and essence through story telling, poetry, theatre, dance, music, singing and touch.
This initiation is about shifting out of old unsustainable paradigms of pushing, controlling and stressing, in order to create in the world and rest into our being. From there we have the potential to create a new world inside and out because what comes through us is in its most authentic and pure form.  

In this potent place, we are no longer continuing to seek more and more processes and practices of healing and fixing but live and move in the world with the true recognition of who we are and what we are here for.  

Over the past years the Dancing Eros body of work has been preparing us individually and collectively to land and reclaim the Temple of Eros for this purpose..  

This annual initiation will be held only once a year by the three Oracles of Dancing Eros.  

Vanessa, Laura, and Shaney are your Oracles for the Temple Eros 2020.  

Each been deeply initiated into the feminine mysteries for over a decade and many lives before.  

This a rare and special opportunity to come and be part of the beginning of a new era where the ancient and the future merge.  


The location for TEMPLE EROS 2020 is in the magical island of Ikaria in Greece.  

The Ancient Temples were based in various mystical sites around the world and Greece was the original land of the Priestesses and the Oracles.  

The Island of Ikaria is widely known for its wild beauty.  

The Temple of Artemis has been anchored to this land sine the 6th Century BC. Artemis, the Greek Goddess of the hunt, wilderness, wild animals, the Moon and the protector of sailors and hunters is an honoured Goddess of the Island.  

Ikaria is also a famed island of hot springs, folklore and some of the longest living inhabitants in the world.  

The location of our Initiation will be at The Egg Seminar House with shared and private accommodation will be at the nearby Karras' Star Hotel. 


This event is for those who deeply feel the call to be part of this. Beyond the mind or logical understanding there is a stirring inside and a pull of you to join us.  

This initiation will be like no other and is for those who are truly ready to step into the unknown and surrender into the feminine mysteries and your path as a creator in service to them.  

This initiation is for those of you who are ready to go beyond focusing and working solely on your own inner process and personal wounds and to move into utilising the potency and power of your own life force for pure creation.

We are calling in souls who can see beyond their stories and patterns of smallness, unworthiness, separation and contraction.  




The feminine archetypes will be the inspiration for our exploration and the muse for our creation within the time we spend together.  

Each day we will open a different portal of creation inspired by these potent and primordial feminine energies.  

Erotic Mother Maiden Wild Woman Priestess Slut Queen Crone  

The archetypes are instinctual aspects of our psyche and collective consciousness and extremely powerful because they allow us to access and open sometimes hidden channels of our expression that we may not have access to within our own limited identity and personal conditioning.  

This initiation is to open the gateways of your voice, body, sex and creativity, so you can express fully.  



Vanessa is a visionary, leader and trailblazer known for her rawness, courage & wisdom.  

Founder of Dancing Eros, co-founder of Celebrating Sexuality Festival and womens spoken word event Mother Tongue as well as viral online content her work continually creates culture, awakens new levels of consciousness and opens others up to their true expression and power.  

She grants others permission to trust their instinctual wisdom, question ‘what is normal?’ and to shamelessly love and express all parts of themselves.  

Wearing many hats as a writer, artist, mentor, speaker and business woman all her work centralises around the themes of empowerment, spirituality, sexuality, healing, intimacy, mental health, creativity and leadership. ​ A unique mix of epic spiritual powerhouse and regular Aussie chick Vanessa's ultimate purpose is to share, express, create from her own truth and then allow that aliveness to activate in others.  


Laura is an international leader in sacred sexuality. Weaving both the dark and light, she offers a potent non dual transmission unlike any other.  

She has a unique breadth of wisdom and experience. Having spent many years studying, practicing and teaching Tantra. On top of a decade in psychology. Where she worked closely with people in prisons and with people suffering from mental health. As well as Laura's mental and spiritual dedication, embodiment has been a big part of her awakening. Unlocking the incredible wisdom found in the body.  

Touch and embodiment are Laura's mastery. She has an incredible understanding of how to work with the body. Physically, energetically and shamanically. As well as having a refined expertise in the realms of sexuality and working with our sexual nature.  

She works intimately with clients; 1:1, as couples, groups, online and offering mentoring for others.  

She creates deep powerful journeys for people to explore all sides of themselves.  

Through the space she holds, her students and clients learn how to access their ability to empower and transform themselves and their lives. Her powerful, authentic and sensuous molten presence helps guide people home to their body, to their Temple.


Shaney Marie is a renowned transformational leader & creative consultant in the realm of erotic mysteries.  

A guide for those who recognise that there is a greater awakening to be had regarding the power of sexual majesty and the sacred erotic codes of consciousness.  

“Sex Witch to the Stars” Shaney is a personal mentor to actors, actresses and popular musicians from Australia and the USA.  

Through dance, contemporary tantra, alchemy and ritual, Shaney believes that every person has a magic portal into their unique erotic depth’s and that our sexuality holds an incredible intelligence that is threaded through the entirety of every area of our lives.  

Shaney works intensively 1.1 with clients, is a group facilitator, an international speaker, a writer and creates programs that have changed people’s entire experience of themselves, their relationships and life.  

Skilled in the art of revealing truth, seeing into people and supporting you to tap into your embodied wisdom, Shaney is a guide for those who seek depth and are ready for an evolutionary jump in their sensual, erotic, emotional and creative brilliance.  

Transmitting deep erotic embodiment and showing people that they have a universe of possibility within them, Shaney walks her talk carrying an extraordinary wisdom of erotic empowerment and the sacred sexual arts within her very essence.



As places are limited, if you feel the call, we recommend you secure your place as soon as possible. 

What is included: Tuition for 10 days, accommodation for 9 nights, organic vegetarian breakfast &&lunch, wifi, swimming pool access and teas throughout.  

What is not included: Transport costs (ferry or airport) are not included. Please arrive either at Port of Evdilos (15 minute drive from venue) or the Ikaria Airport (1.5 hours from venue) by 1500 on the 4th of September. Please advise if you would like a shuttle bus to pick you up from the Port of Evdilos or Ikaria.  

Dinners are not included in the cost, however, the hotel we will be staying at and local eateries are easily accessible.  

* Early bird price (5 places only until 20 March) *  

Shared double room 2900 euros  

Private room 3100 euros  

* Regular price (available until 3 August) * 

Shared double room 3300 euros  

Private room 3600 euros  


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