Dancing Eros explores the authentic sexual and sensual embodiment of the five feminine erotic archetypes.  

Dancing Eros is creating a powerful community journeying together to fully reclaim and open up into their feminine power, desire and passion.

 Dancing Eros has fast become recognised as one of the most powerful and transformational experiences of feminine embodiment in Australia with more than 1500 women and 100 men that took the journey over the past 4 years.  

After a fast growing community in Australia & New Zealand, Laura Deva took on the mission of seeding Dancing Eros in Europe in 2019 and will spread the whole spectrum of the feminine essence on a EU tour!  





Feminine Embodiment 

- 1 day workshop -


Archetypes Journey 

- 8 day course - 

(Evenings - Non residential)

PRAGUE (Women only)

ZÜRICH (Women only)

COPENHAGEN (Mixed Gender)



"I received from this Dancing Eros immersion the opportunity to explore my own sexuality and sensuality. This brings richness and potency that I had not previously experienced. This has been life changing! At 60 years of age there is still so much to learn and experience! I love that Laura comes from the truth and rawness of her own journey and shares herself so openly, in her power and her vulnerability! She holds a powerful and safe space to explore your own sexuality without judgement or shame."

Cloudia Defrenne

"I received from this Dancing Eros immersion a direct embodied experience of the energies that have been laying dormant in my being and also received the tolls to transform those energies into power, courage and a life of deeper authenticity! Dancing Eros makes “the shadow” and transformation tangible. Deep and messy work is held in safety and reverence without hierarchy or competition. It is the perfect container fro deeply facing illusions. Laura is lovingly “no bullshit”. She is able to see straight through to the truth and yet is also honouring to the natural unfoldment of each woman’s journey."

Michelle Passmore

"I received from this Dancing Eros immersion a deep sense of self-love. I learnt so much more deeply about myself. I feel I have stepped more into my womanhood. I feel empowered, confident, full and deeply happy! I love the structure of Dancing Eros. I love how the simplicity of working through the archetypes gives you so many tools to take home and use in daily life. I would highly recommend this journey to others because it is supportive, it meets you were you are at and it has the capacity to completely transform your life. Laura is an authentic passionate and incredible woman. She has deep integrity in this work. She lives and breathes what she teaches. She empowers her students and meet them with a full loving and compassionate heart. She has been instrumental in my growth and life direction."

Alexandra Almond 


Laura has a powerful, authentic and sensuous presence.  

Through the space she holds, her students and clients learn how to access their inner ability to empower and transform themselves and their lives.  

She is dedicated to the path of embodiment and believes that through accepting all of yourself and finding spaciousness within the body, you can let go of shame, guilt, conditionning and embrace your full ecstatic Self!  

Weaving together darkness and light she will create a safe journey for you to explore all sides of yourself so you can integrate them into wholeness.  

Laura left behind a career in clinical psychology and mental health to dive into sacred sexuality and embodied spirituality. After years of using her mind as a guide she learnt to embrace and honour her body and feelings. Marrying them together to form a powerful guide that’s nourished her life, work and relationships.  

Dancing Eros allows Laura to bring together her passion for teaching, sacred sexuality, embodiment and community. It is her mission to re-ignite the sacredness in each human being she connects with.  


Laura Deva is not only a facilitator but also one of the 3 pillars of Dancing Eros Governance.  

She is holding point for the vision of Dancing Eros and its growth in Europe.