The work of the Alkimagician is wide and can be dictated only to some extent. It’s a calling that reveals itself in the moment, as well as a methodical, disciplined practice of devotion to the sacred. 

A dance between feeling the space and the energetic currents, caring for the physical container and weaving them into a living organism, holding some respectful boundaries and inviting authenticity and curiosity. It’s a soul movement of devotion that is humbly open to receive information from the empty space- what is needed in now, what does the moment ask for. With that, staying in touch with own process and integrating while in movement.  

The work of the Alkimagician is to weave the internal and the external, weave people to space, weave people and process, connecting chaos to order, Eros and Logos etc.  

AlkiMagik training offers an inspirational initiation in the creation of sacred spaces, reading and designing vital flow of life force while harmonizing the environment with specific groups of people, further, infusing spirit with matter through the power of the 5 Elements.  

This alchemical process involves transformation at a physical and vibrational level, considering matter and subtle energy fields. It invites an opening and expansion in sensitivity, enhanced mental-emotional-physical perception, and integration of the 5 Elements as raw components of all life.  

On this 7 day live in journey we will explore:  

  • Temple work
  • Infusing spaces 
  • Multidimensional awareness 
  • Alchemy 
  • Magic
  • Mystery
  • Sacred symbolism
  • Mythology 
  • Cosmology
  • Metaphysical healing art
  • Sound frequency
  • Crystal energy
  • Smoke medicine  
  • Fragrance frequency
  • Ritual spaces
  • Dream spaces
  • Energetic grids
  • 5 elements
  • Plants  

This invitation is especially tailored to ISTA faculty, apprentices, and graduates who are interested in assisting ISTA trainings, as well as anyone else who enjoys the feeling of creating and sharing radiant spaces, which nourish beauty, grace, magic, sensuality, and silence. Men and women are welcome to be part of this alkimagician experience.  

During this week, days will be filled with different presentations, but mostly with experiential activities, plants alchemy and preparation of hermetic quintessence based in Spagyrics principles, time to rest and feel your own body and the unique location of Akasha Heritage Villa, in Ibiza which has itself been manifested out of an alkimagical process.  


DAY ONE - Mars Day / Opening the Gates within _ Alchemy and Magic, working with chaos as source _ The 5 Elements in integration with the 5 Senses _ The power of invocation _ Working with subtle realms and emptiness as source _ How do we create a sacred space? _ Setting up a Feng Shui grid and and the principles of sacred geometry _ Creating our own unique mandala _ OPENING RITUAL with altar and activation of group mandala  

DAY TWO - Moon day / EARTH _ Shamanic drum ceremony _ Earth Archetypes and how we bring them to life _ SACRED EARTH CEREMONY with Cacao. _ Grounding the space and our bodies through touching bodies, the earth, planting seeds _ Entering the womb of the Earth/ midwifing one another _ Making scents for the 5 Elements with rare and quality essential oils _ Energizing the formulations with different qualities of stones and crystals _ Flower arrangements and working with the flower of life principle _ Creating a Support and Friends corner _ WILD EARTH CREATURES RITUAL - face painting  

DAY THREE - Venus Day / WATER _ Invoking the Water Gods/ Goddesses /gratitude song to water _ Water Blessings- the power of water during ceremonies and rituals _ WATERING CEREMONY - Watering each other to nourish our soul gifts _ Fluidity in the space, paying attention to the flow within the design _ Bathing ritual - washing away the past _ Creating a water Elixir _ BLUE LOTUS RITUAL  

DAY FOUR - Sun Day / FIRE _ Sunrise Ritual- Invoking RA _ Passion, intensity, vibrational atunement- working with Sekhmet _ SACRED FIRE CEREMONY- Mandala _ Bringing the centre alive- Burning in the soul fire and be seen/ revelation _ Illumination and fire purification- deeper soul initiation _ Sunset Ritual _ IGNITING THE FIRE WITHIN RITUAL - EROTIC TEMPLE  

DAY FIVE- Mercury Day / AIR _ Breath work Journey - Re-birthing as the sun / soul awakening _ Dream work - astral guided journey _ Dancing, touch, energizing the space with movement _ SELKET RITUAL- Breathing as a portal between dimensions _ Expression and Creativity- working with smoke medicine and feathers _ ELEMENTAL DANCE RITUAL _ Spaciousness, sensing Space as source of all elements _ Love as Space, the empty center _ SILENCE SOUND STILLNESS RITUAL _ Creating our altar in silence- integrating all the elements _ ORACLE TEMPLE  

DAY SEVEN - Completion & Integration  

The facilitators

Komala Lyra

Komala has been around the world exploring the mysteries of many cultures connected with the alchemy of matter and soul, and how they interweave through rituals that lift and expand consciousness.  

Her rich background includes extensive practice of many healing arts (Osho Multiversity for over 12 years, USA & India), experience as an Ayurveda Yoga Tantra Consultant & Educator offering programs internationally for over 35 years, as well as authoring several books. She holds a a BA in Graphic & Industrial Design (Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milano, Italy), Master in Anthropologie with a presentation on Rituals of Birth, Sexuality & Death in Primitive Cultures (Ecole des Hautes Etudes, Sorbonne, Paris, France), several years of Architecture University studies (UP 7, Paris, France). 

She has studied Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, both ancient arts of energetic alignment, based in the understanding of energy flow in nature through the 5 Elements, developed in China and India. Presently, Komala is a Lead Faculty at ISTA – International School of Temple Arts and co-creator of Women Who See in the Dark retreats.  

Amber Ra

 Amber is a practitioner of awareness, healing and consciousness as tools of self-empowerment and spiritual initiation.  

With profound experience in body work, energy and movement and deep enthusiasm for esoteric teachings as cosmology, mythology, collective archetypes, dreamspace and soul journey astrology.  

Aiming to connect people to their own power of creation and clarity of purpose through the activation of life force. She facilitates and serves sacred spaces, deep shamanic journeys, Initiations, rituals and workshops worldwide.  

Temple priestee and a weaver of sacred spaces and the magical alchemy of souls. Academic scholar and a Doctoral student of consciousness and shamanism. 

Jasmeen Hana

Jasmeen Hana is is a devotee of truth and clarity infused with the passion of life current.

Her love for temples, co-creating sacred spaces and living in a web of magic leads her to travel and share knowledge and temples all over the Globe.  

She currently holds a point for the Egyptian Mystery School in Egypt and abroad as a global blueprint of cosmic intelligence and embodied love and power.  

She currently facilitates with ISTA and also holds sacred journeys to Egypt as well as apprenticing at Highden Mystery School in New Zealand.  

Next event: 16-23 february - Ibiza

The venue

Akasha Heritage Villa

Akasha Heritage is a unique and luxurious spa and retreat villa which combines modern architecture with the finest collection of sacred art and vintage nordic designer furniture to create an oasis of peace and tranquility in one of the most exclusive locations in Ibiza.  

Akasha Heritage is located in the exclusive undeveloped area near to the beaches of Cala Jondal and Es Cubells, only minutes away from the world renowned Blue Marlin and Tropicana beach clubs.  

Designed around a central ecological theme, this unique villa blends seamlessly into the eight hundred thousand square metres of protected forest and boasts both awe-inspiring views to the sea and spectacular sunsets over the nearby mountains.  

The property provides a perfect retreat for those seeking a private and secluded get-away yet is within easy reach of the the vibrant charm of Ibiza’s old town and the nightlife hub of Ibiza. 

It is situated in the middle of a nature reserve and is not overlooked by any other property, providing guests with complete privacy and unspoilt views across the Ibizan countryside.

Booking Informations


- 1970€ with food and accommodation (14 spots) - Special ISTA Faculty, Apprentices, Organisers: 1770€ all inclusive  

- 1770€ with food only - accommodation on your own (11 spots) To register, make a 620€ deposit by bank transfer.  

Registration deadline: JAN 20TH

If you are feeling the call of your inner AlkiMagicien then register by making a 620€ deposit by bank transfer.  

Account name: Laura Lancia IBAN: CH0300788000050693455 BIC: BCGECHGGXXX Address: Rue de Montbrillant 84 1202 Genève Suisse  

Once the deposit is paid, email Laura Deva through the contact form or directly by email.

Laura Deva :  


The deposit will be non refundable and non transferable. If you have made a full payment and cancel before Jan 16th, the deposit (620€) and the administration fees (150€) will be deduced from the total refund.


We begin on Feb 16th at 2pm and end on Feb 23rd with lunch at 5pm. Please arrive at the venue between 12 and 2pm on Feb 16th to allow time to set yourself up in your room and be ready You must be able to attend the full retreat in order to join. 

Contact us

For more informations , or to book your ticket, please contact Laura Deva: